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Sales and marketing

Tomasz Czapczyński Law Firm of Attorneys at Law offers comprehensive legal services for Management Board Members, Directors, Area Managers and Employees that is related to sales and marketing.

In addition to comprehensive support in negotiating agreements and trade contracts, our qualifications will be helpful to entrepreneurs in such activities as:

Development of agreements and offers,

including, among others, general terms and conditions of sale and purchase, framework contracts, agency contracts (including areas where agents may be motivated), franchising, sales (including individual approaches to the customer) and international agreements.

Development of sales procedures,

including, preparing records (securing interests of the Parties and payment of remuneration, protection against dishonest contractors) and recommendations on how to implement, training in the legal aspects of sales processes.

Disputes with contractors,

including, among others, mediation, strategy development and representation.

Transport of products to be sold,

including, among others, legal protection of organization and insurance (damage or destruction).

Protection of the reputation and image of the company and brand,

including, among others, counteracting infringements of personal rights, also in artistic, journalistic or marketing activities, legal actions in the case of defamation or slander, using press law.

Image and media crisis,

including, among others, the development of crisis strategies, methodologies and timetable for implementation and representation in possible court cases.

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