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Since the founding of our Law Firm in 2005,
we have focused on business support.

Firma godna zaufania

In 2016, we were among the most highly regarded law firms - we received the Certificate of High Quality Legal Services and the extraordinary distinction of the Diamond of Law.

Kancelarie RP

Since 2020, we have been co-creating the network of Kancelarie RP under the patronage of the "Rzeczpospolita" daily newspaper, which aims to set new and better standards of client service.


Through our cooperation with International Consulting Group and renowned law firms from all over Europe, we enable the secure development of your business abroad.

What do customers say about us?

KGHM Polska Miedź SA hereby confirms that the Law Firm of Attorneys at Law Tomasz Czapczyński provided a permanent and comprehensive legal service to the Branch Office of the KGHM Polska Miedź SA „Głogów” and „Legnica” Copper Smelter and refinery (…). The activities of the Law Firm of Attorneys at Law included: (…) participating in negotiations, prognoses and mediation with contractors (…), whose aim was (…) to defend the interests of the above mentioned Branches (…), acting as an attorney (…) in all court, enforcement, administrative (…) proceedings, as well as before state and judicial authorities. The services were provided on time and with due diligence.

Bartłomiej Kubisiak

Executive Director of the Central Procurement Office, KGHM Polska Miedź SA

Tomasz Czapczyński Law Firm of Attorneys at Law provides us with permanent and comprehensive legal services. Mr. Czapczyński’s Law Firm of Attorneys at Law, compared to others, stands out with its assertiveness and honesty. They speak bluntly about the state of the matter, which allows our company to stay out of trouble. They always offer effective solutions, due to the team comprised of specialists in different fields. The Law Firm of Attorneys at Law is open to advisory services. Together we have implemented a new product – mutual business project.

Przemysław Hałucha

Vice-president of the Management Board of Piast Group Sp. z o.o.

For 27 years, I have worked with few law firms, but I have never seen such professionalism like in Law Firm of Attorneys at Law Czapczyński. To say that I am happy with their services is putting it mildly. And I will admit, I am rarely happy with anything. Working with Mr. Czapczyński is a pleasure, because his employees are always well prepared. One day I have a problem and the next I have their solution. This gives us time to choose the right strategy and think the problem over. Our disputes rarely go to court and if this happens we always succeed, we have won economic, financial and HR-related cases.

Jarosław Bogucki

President of the Management Board of Amara sp. z o.o.

I appreciate the availability of Mr. Czapczyński’s Law Firm of Attorneys at Law. We call quite often and despite the fact that the cases which we work on regard different aspects of business activity, we work together very well. We feel that we have chosen a good partner, one that has great experience in a specific industrial branch.

Mirosław Buciak

President of the Management Board, CEO of Hutmen S.A.

I am pleased to recommend cooperation with the Law Firm of Attorneys at Law Czapczyński, which provides permanent and comprehensive legal services for the HERTZ Systems LtD. Sp. z o.o. Services are also provided in connection with our research and development activities in the field of space technology, location technology and military and police designation. Law Firm of Attorneys at Law also supports us in the implementation of investments (…).

Zygmunt Rafał Trzaskowski

Executive Director of the Hertz Systems Ltd Sp. z o.o.

I have been working with Mr. Czapczyński for many years. He understands our cases perfectly, can think outside the box and quickly and masterfully identifies the problem. I don’t know any other law firm where the team is so truly involved in their client’s cases, understands them and represents such a high level of organisation. Mr. Czapczyński is an expert in hard cases, which is proven by the story of a disputed between three companies (mine, a Polish one and a Chinese one). Without going to court Mr. Czapczyński found a solution satisfactory to all parties, including the Chinese one – culturally different and by default hard to trust.

Pasi Raikisto

President of Management Systems, Finland

I am one of the very first clients of Mr Czapczyński. I have been working with him since college. Our companies have grown together. Mr. Tomasz has always honestly and clearly presented the chances we had in each and every case, leaving the final decision in the hands of the clients. And even if they choose the hard option, Mr. Czapczyński will fight to the very end. To me he’s a real warrior.

Leszek Kroczak

President of the Management Board of L&P Sp. z o.o.

Thanks to the high competence and professionalism of Law Firm of Attorneys at Law Tomasz Czapczyński 's employees, all cases entrusted to us were handled efficiently and concluded with full success. Based on our experience, with full responsibility, we recommend Law Firm of Attorneys at Law Tomasz Czapczyński as a proven company providing legal services at a premium level.

Krzysztof Wróbel

President of the Management Board of DEX Group - BMW, Honda, Citroen, Suzuki and Developer DEX car showrooms

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