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Court proceedings

From the very beginning of its existence, Tomasz Czapczyński has been representing clients in court proceedings in the field of civil, commercial, administrative and criminal law. On behalf of our Clients we have also acted before arbitration courts.

Prior to the commencement of any litigation at the request of the Client, we undertake mediation and negotiation, treating this form of solution as a particularly friendly tool for entrepreneurs and the economy that contributes to savings of time and costs for both parties.

After thorough familiarization with a case, we present and implement possible strategies for action. We work in interdisciplinary expert teams because this approach provides a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of the case. Our priority is to conduct the case in the most advantageous way for the client. This means both full engagement in matters that promise a chance of success and the provision of reliable information to the Client about the risks identified - our priority is always to protect the Client from losing and from unnecessary costs. This sometimes means recommending the abandonment of doubtful litigations in which the Client would have to invest without real chances of winning.

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