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Legal services

Do you intend to develop your business, enter new markets or introduce an innovative product? Visit our law firm and benefit from our extensive experience.

We offer legal assistance in expanding your offer and entering new markets. We will help you to safely go through the process of change and transformation. If necessary, we will lead your company through the subsequent stages of development. We will build an action plan and paths that will safely adjust your enterprise to new circumstances and challenges.

Each investment and change involves major assets, both in the form of employees as well as the building of the new organisational structure. Our team will limit the significant risk connected to the investments and direct your actions in order to increase your chances to acquire major benefits.

We offer legal assistance in the implementation of the development and expansion strategy, because a correctly executed investment translates into a real success for many entrepreneurs.

What else do we provide as part of investment support?

  • We aid in capital and structural transformations.
  • We provide assistance during a takeover of one company by another.
  • We present optimal legal and tax solutions.
  • We support you during negotiations.

Contact us today! We work with domestic and foreign entities.