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Organisation and production

Tomasz Czapczyński Law Firm of Attorneys at Law offers comprehensive legal services for Management Board Members, Directors, Managers and Employees of related areas.

We deal with comprehensive service of issues related to the organization and production in the company, which include such key and necessary company issues as:

Personal data protection,

including, among others, the development of necessary internal documentation according to the GDPR (data protection policy, data entrustment agreements, access and use of data, data personification, statements). At the Client's request, we can take over the function of Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Public procurement,

including, among others, verification of tender documentation, review of the application of the Public Procurement Law, preparation of appeals to the National Appeal Chamber and control of the correctness of submitted offers in the proceedings.

Maintenance of production,

including, among others, development of concessions, licenses and permits, development of agreements securing permanent and timely delivery of raw materials, materials and services, and agreements for the purchase of machinery and equipment (relocation of machinery, production lines or entire factories - also in international trade).

Environmental protection and waste management,

related to entering the market or adapting the company to the applicable legal regulations, including, among others:

    • audits and legal opinions on activities emitting pollution and waste,
    • launching regional installations for processing and disposal of municipal waste (Regional Municipal Waste Treatment Plant),
    • obtaining the required decisions, approvals, permits, authorizations, and entries in the registers,
    • assessment of planned projects (including environmental impact assessments),
    • obtaining environmental decisions (preparation of necessary documents, e.g. application for obtaining a decision on development conditions, analysis of project plans in terms of compliance with regulations, reports describing the impact of the investment on the environment).

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