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How we operate

Tomasz Czapczyński Law Firm of Attorneys at Law operates in two models of cooperation:

1. Comprehensive legal services for the current activity of the company.

2. Legal services at times of increased need.

We approach each of our clients individually, using the same high standard of cooperation.

Before start the cooperation:

    • STEP 1: Meeting the Client and analysing his/her needs
    • STEP 2: Evaluating the legal status of the company and auditing risks
    • STEP 3: Presenting a tailored offer, including the specification of the range of services selected to meet the client’s needs
    • STEP 4: Concluding an agreement and assigning one individual Coordinator of cooperation
    • STEP 5: Meeting with the Client – establishing:
      • a strategy for action,
      • priorities and critical points,
      • a detailed timetable for activities,
      • the plan of tasks and work, assigning responsibility.

Once the cooperation has been established:

    • We effectively carry out the tasks entrusted to us, staying in constant contact with the Client. The first goal is always to stabilize the activity of the company and take over all legal matters - which significantly reduces the burden on the current activities of the company.
    • We appoint one person to maintain contact with the Client. This is the Cooperation Coordinator, and he has at his disposal, the entire team of legal advisers and attorneys in ascertaining and agreeing upon the scope of work and deadlines.
    • We make contact in the most convenient way for the Client.
    • We present the range of activities undertaken and the time devoted to their undertaking in a transparent way and while keeping the client engaged.

Our partner's satisfaction and our clear rules of cooperation will lead to the successful completion of a case or the development of a company. This is of paramount importance to us, therefore, we are always open to individual arrangements.

Know the principles of cooperation

We will provide you with the right legal direction for your business.

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