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Finance and taxes

Tomasz Czapczyński Law Firm of Attorneys at Law offers comprehensive legal services dedicated to Financial Directors, Chief Accountants, attorneys and proxies in companies that operate in Poland and abroad.

Our qualifications will be helpful for entrepreneurs in such activities as:

Obtaining financing,

including, among others, verification of loan agreements, establishing the security interests of associates and shareholders in the scope of receivables and liabilities (letters of credit, bank guarantees, bills of exchange, mortgages, executions), debt and capital trading consultancy (entry of new investors, issue of debt instruments).

Financial investments,

including the development of legal aspects of expansion processes to new markets, valuation of enterprises, audits of the financial condition of the company and transfer prices, legal execution of transactions between related parties.

Trading in assets,

including, among others, legal security of real estate management processes (investments, property transfers, establishing easements and mortgages, sale, lease and lease), recommendations on transaction security and generating profits from assets.

Recovery of damages, recovery and collection,

including negotiations, mediation and judicial processes.

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