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Construction projects

Legal Advisor Office Tomasz Czapczyński offers a unique solution for the construction industry. We combine legal competence with the knowledge of experienced engineers, guaranteeing safe and optimal management of each stage of any project.

Our investment ventures have been joined by Mariusz Wróbel, M.Sc. Eng., a long-standing manager and superintendent of construction and renovation activities at such companies as Budmax, TULCON and KGHM Polska Miedź SA. This has resulted in the creation of an effective team of specialists for project management at each stage of construction.

Maximum relief for the Owner

Thanks to our innovative approach, we provide comprehensive support in complex investment processes. We maximally relieve the burden on the Owner, ensuring effective hands-off planning and project implementation. At every stage, we provide professional legal and engineering knowledge to supervise any venture - from initiative, through tendering, design and construction processes, to timely completion. The unique combination of the expertise of professionals in two fields guarantees multidimensional control of every stage of the project.

We offer you cooperation in the scope of:

Project planning

    • Searching for suitable real estate that meets the Owner's requirements or carrying out an analysis of those that are of interest to the Owner.
    • Verification of the legal status, development conditions and the feasibility of a project in the indicated area.
    • Determining the suitability of the area for the planned project, indication of risks and limitations resulting from formal and technical conditions.
    • Creation of a schedule and budget for your project.
    • Conducting negotiations with owners (public and private) of land and finalizing the purchase.
    • Conducting negotiations and finalizing agreements with utility suppliers and other public administration bodies.

Project preparation

We develop an effective functional program for the Owner. In it, we accurately estimate costs and indicate the technically optimal and financially most advantageous solutions - from the stage of architectural concept, to project implementation.

We facilitate making key decisions. We analyze in minute detail, real estate, designs and finances, using specialist engineering knowledge about the legitimacy and functionality of a given facility. The documents that we provide to the Client enable them to smoothly and safely pass through the subsequent stages of the project.

We relieve the Owner of the burden of preparing building permits and represent him/her before supervisory bodies, public administration and utility suppliers. We prepare contracts for designs and construction works and legally secure the implementation of project schedules, as well as possible claims.

Project management

From the very start of project commencement, we represent the Owner and undertake formal activities related to the project process.

    • We prepare documentation and coordinate tenders for the selection of the Designer, Contract Engineer and Main Contractor.
    • We develop building plans and, if necessary, other documents.
    • We coordinate the implementation of the project, synchronizing each element and subcontractor activity necessary for its proper and timely completion.
    • On behalf of the Owner, the entire project is supervised by applying the most up-to-date project management tools.
    • Acting as project manager, we represent the Owner before public administration bodies, utility suppliers, designers, contractors and other entities involved in the process.
    • In case of need, we provide legal representation.

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