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About Us

Our professional activity requires us to confront legal realities.

We are aware that:

    • mbiguous interpretation of legal regulations raises doubts,
    • the interpretation of complex rules and contracts is a responsibility,
    • business decisions must be based on the mechanisms of the applicable law.

It is a necessity in doing business that all activities comply with legal standards. Therefore, entrust all complex legal matters to the professionals from Law Firm of Attorneys at Law Tomasz Czapczyński.

You will receive:

  • expert advice from a team of legal advisers and attorneys, who will professionally ensure the balance of your business meets all legal norms,
  • analysis of all legal aspects , related to the company's activity,
  • ervice of each area of the enterprise, depending on the needs,
  • sound recommendations and initiative in taking action,
  • rapid identification and strong responses to risks,
  • peace of mind and confidence that your business decisions are safe and legal.

We offer concrete and safe activity that generates the best legal solutions in Poland. We comprehensively analysing the needs, resources and environment of each business.

Remember: the Roman principle of ignorance legis non exculpat (ignorance of the law is not an excuse) is still valid today.

We are looking forward to doing business with you! We will point you in the right direction!

The team of the Law Firm of Attorneys at Law Tomasz Czapczyński

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We will provide you with the right legal direction for your business.

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